Garden Update

Hey Friends,

Today, I will be discussing the changes you will be seeing in my garden. For one the picture you see below is the original plan that I had before everything went flying in the wood.

The original:

The structure you see below is an old carport that my mom had and when the cover part got ruined she put it behind the house and it was never used again. So one day I asked my mom if I could have it she said yeah. So I decided to make it a walk-in greenhouse. It wasn’t perfect but it was beautiful in my eyes. I wanted it to be open on the side instead of the front like normal. This picture was taken last year around this time(2022).

After (New Smaller Greenhouse):

You see that I have a new greenhouse, but you can see the original greenhouse in the wood behind the greenhouse that is standing up. This picture was taken a month later after the original greenhouse had flown into the wood.


This picture was taken over the weekend because I am in the process of re-doing my garden before the spring season. Even though here in Georgia the weather has been in the high 70’s -80’s degrees and it’s only the end of February. CRAZY!!! In the picture below you can see the original greenhouse still in the woods after a year of being in the wood, well that is going to change in the next month and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. In the picture below I moved my smaller greenhouse to the far right, I also added and bought another greenhouse 2 months ago that’s the one in the middle. The original greenhouse that is on the left of the picture that is still upside down will be coming back up in a brand new stable way. I can’t wait to share with you my projects in the upcoming months.

Come join me this spring with all the updated projects that I have in store.


~My Life As A Mom

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