Chocolate Truffles


If you want an easy sweet treat for the Holidays or for the New Years. Here is a little some thing that would make this holiday and to bring in the New years a little more sweeter.

1 8oz of cream cheese

4 ¼ cup of powder sugar

3 cups of semisweet chocolate

1 tbsp. of vanilla extract

½ cup of coco powder

½ cup of powder sugar

Nuts (optional)

1.) Melt the chocolate on a double boiler and until the chocolate comes to a complete melt. When the chocolate is done melting take it off the double boiler and set it to the side to cool.

2.) In another bowl add the cream cheese, and the powder sugar slowly into mixture step by step until all the sugar is gone. Next add the vanilla flavor into the mixture, as well the chocolate mixture. Stir the chocolate mixture until everything is fully mix together.

3.) When the mixture is fully mix together put it into the fridge for an hour until it is set.

4.) When the mixture is fully set take the mixture out of the fridge and a small ice cream scoop. Roll the mixture into a round ball and coat it in powder sugar or coco powder.

Serving 36                                      Making 2 hrs 30 mins

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