Shrimp and Spinach Won-tons


Try my Shrimp and Spinach Won-tons!! You won’t be disappointed 🙂



1 bag of frozen shrimps

1 8oz of cream cheese (soften)

2 1/2 of spinach chop

1 bag of won-ton wrappers

oil for frying


First put some oil into the frying pan or deep fryer while you wait for it to come to get hot. In another frying pan cook the shrimp until it turns pink add a little salt and pepper. When the shrimps is done pour into a bowl, add the cream cheese, spinach, a pinch a salt and pepper. Stir all together get a spoon and spoonful the mixture into the won-ton wrappers. Fold each one of the won-ton wrapper according to the direction on the back of the wrapper. Put them into the oil and cook until golden brown. Enjoy!!! 🙂

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