Sausage Chilly- Yum!!!

One of the best fall foods to have when it is really cold outside and you just wanted to stay in the house with a good book or a good movie is a bowl of Chilly. There are so many different ways to make Chilly with like chicken, ground beef, or sausages. Here is my recipe for Sausage Chilly.

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2 Roger wood sausage (peel) (chop)

1 8oz can of yellow corn

1 8oz can of dice tomato

1 8oz can of black beans

½ packet of chilly season

3 Russell potato (peel) (chop)

½ Green pepper

½ onion

1 8 oz can of chicken stock



  1. Peel and chop up the sausages, onion and pepper into a pot on medium high. Cook until the sausage is slightly turning brown and the pepper and onion are getting soft.
  2. When the sausages mixture has slightly turn brown add the chicken stock, tomato, black beans, chilly season, and the potato. Stir everything together and put a lid over it and cook for 45 minutes to a hour on medium high until the potato is soft and tender. Stir often
  3. After the potatoes are tender to what you desired and the corn and stir and cook for another 5 minutes.
  4. When its finish serve and enjoy!!

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