Easy Home-Made Pizza

KODAK Digital Still Camera

There are so many ways to make pizza at home, but sometimes it hard to pizza dough from starch when you have so much to do or not enough time to do it. The best way for me when its a busy day in my house or have a lot to do is buying pizza dough in my local supermarket. I like making pizza at home because i can add different topping on my pizza like sausage, cheese, pepperoni, peppers, onions, chicken, spinach, tomato, and so much more topping that you can imagine. Here is my take on individual pizza. I like to do different kinds of topping on each one so everybody can have their own.


1 can of Pizza dough

1 jar of Marinara sauce

1 bag of shredder cheese (your choice)

1 green pepper

1 Carton of cherry tomato

1 carton of chopped mushroom

1  sausage link (slice thin)


Open pizza dough and roll out, cut into rectangle pieces. Add sauce and topping unto each of the pizza dough. Cook the pizza for 10 minutes until golden brown  and enjoy!!! 🙂




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