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August Newsletter

Editor’s Note Hello Friends, It’s the beginning of August, and My Life As A Mom has so much in store to share. I want to start with you guys a brief information about the My Life As A Mom Digest and what’s to come. In…

Previous Art of the Month Week 1

The Hay House Mark Tisdale Light of Hope Painted by Abraham Hunter Which one is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comment box below.

Art of the Month

For August and September My Life As A Mom will be re-sharing all of the following Art of the Month from the past year. Look for your favorites and click the like button.

July Art of the Month 2019

Artist Yuumei Check out her website at for more of her beautiful art

June Art of the Month

Richmond High Summer By John Walsom

Art of the Month

Two Bluebirds By Jennifer Lommers For more information about the painting or to buy the painting click on the link (below.)

April Art of the Month

Artist Unknown

March Art of the Month

By Artist Unknown

February Art of the Month

Barbara J. Mason