Caramel Frosted Brownies

Try this delicious chocolate treat and you would fall in love. 🙂

Batter Ingredients 

1 packet of brownie mix

1/3 cup of oil

2 tbs. of water

1 egg

1 tbs of plain flour (optional)

Icing Ingredients 

 2 tbs. of butter

1/2 cup of brown sugar

3 tbs of french vanilla creamer or milk

1/2 cup of Confession sugar


  1. In a bowl pour the brownie mix, flour, oil, water, and egg.
  2. After everything is fully mix together pour into a grease 9 x 9 pan and bake for 25 minutes.
  3. When 25 minutes is done stick a toothpick in the middle to make sure that it is done then take it out of the oven and let it cool.
  4. While the brownies are cooling, on top of the stove in a sauce pan add your butter an let it melt. When the butter starts to melt add the brown sugar into the pan with the creamer and mix it up. Take the hot mixture off of the stove top and add in the confession sugar and mix it really well until the caramel icing has formed.
  5. After the brownies are cool enough stir the icing and start icing the brownies until the whole brownies are covered with the delicious caramel icing.
  6. Last, cut the brownies into squares, served, and enjoy!! 🙂

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