Baby Shower Games & Ideas

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Hello Friends,

Today I will be sharing with you baby shower games and ideas. There are so many different games you can play at a baby shower to keep your guest entertaining while celebrating your new bundle of joy on the way. Baby shower games help the mood of the party where everyone can join in the fun and enjoy themselves.

Games to Play

  • Don’t Say Baby
  • Dirty Diaper
  • Guess the Mother’s Measurements
  • Baby Price is Right
  • Baby Shower onesies
  • Baby Dec-a-cake
  • Drink up, Baby!

Each one these games has a great way to entertain the guest and to bring the fun into the party.

Baby Shower Ideas

There are so many different ideas for baby showers that it sometimes can be overwhelm at how much planning a baby shower or even getting ready for the baby to come. Being creative can make your baby shower festive and fun when you have friends and family.

Ideas to use at your baby shower

  • Custom Backdrop
  • Diaper Raffle
  • Personalized Guest Book
  • Baby Shower Welcome Sign
  • Oh Baby Gold Letter Balloons
  • Champagne Favors

These are some ideas to use when it comes to having ideas for your baby shower.

Click on the websites below to get great ideas on baby shower games and ideas.

Baby Shower Decor
Kate Aspen – Unique Baby Shower Favors

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