Book Review

Welcome back to book review today book I will be discuss another one of my book that I have and want to share my review on it. The book I will be talking about today is called

Where the Truth Lies

A Massachusetts Mayhem Mystery

Elizabeth Ludwig & Janelle Mowery

Preview of the Book

Casey Alexander refuses to believe her aunt committed suicide. Convinced a murderer is hiding out in her aunt’s sleepy hometown, she’ll do anything to uncover the truth. But as her personal investigation produces mounting evidence, the danger to Casey grows. Now she’ll be forced to trust certain residents of Pine Mills for help, including local nursery owner, Luke Kerrigain…the man with whom she’s falling in love with…and who may be stalking her.

My Review

I love mystery books even though I love all books mystery books is one of those books that i get into and trying to solve the case in head. I have a lot of books that are similar to Where the Truth Lies and sometimes it makes me want to be a detective in my head to solve the crime in mystery book.

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