Moment as a Mother (Powerful Prayer)

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“We each face a different set of experiences, and this is what makes
our life uniquely ours. This is an amazing thing to ponder-all of the
different experiences, all different lives. Each experience we face
makes us stronger and more prepared for the next experience. This is
true even when at first and experience appears to be negative experience
such as the frustration of getting lost on the way to our destination
or a large negative experience, such as the death of a loved one.
We face each experience with the strength and wisdom we have
achieved through other past experiences. Each experience moves us
forward and fill out the little spaces in us that need to be filled out.
And the, voilà! We are who we were meant to be.”


“Lord, today I will not shrink from any experience.
With yoU by my side, I know I can handle anything
That comes my way because I have been formed
From all my past experiences.”

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