New Make-up Haul

make up haul 2

Welcome to another Make-up haul I wanted to share my new collection of make-up that I’m being wearing for a while these are some more of my favorite make-up that I love to used and wear on a daily basic. So on my blog I’m going to continue with some more of my favorite make-up items and reviews and my opinion of what I think of the products. So continue to read and I hope you enjoy and like this blog.

Black Radiance Color Perfect Liquid Make-up


I have been wearing this liquid foundation for a while and so far it has done wonders. I like wearing this foundation on special occasions and formal events.

Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray


Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray is a new setting spray that I have been using lately.  I used this spray at the very end after I finish putting on make up.  On my last Make-up haul post I describe the other type of setting spray that I used after I finish up my make-up. Check out the link below.

Broadway Color Matte Lip Lacquer

download (2)

ML 09 Juliet

ML 10 Woodbury

Broadway Color Matte Lip Lacquer has this bold matte color that I like very much on lips. It has this matte like finish with a little shine to it that make it pop on my lips the two colors that I used is the ML 09 Juliet and the ML 10 Woodbury.

L. A. Colors Mascara


Big Lengthens Lash

Bold Lash

These two mascara works wonder when it comes to making my lashes pop and bigger. The first one is the Big Lengthens Lash this make my lashes a little bit longer in length. The other one is Bold lash this one makes my lashes bold with the effect of making them thicker and bolder.

Check out my other make-up haul for more of my favorites. 🙂

Make-up Haul (The Beginning and Finishes)

Make-up Haul

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