Make-up Haul

makeup haul poster

It is that time of year for me to stock up on my favorite Make-up and what I like to used on a daily basic. There are a lot of different types of make-up that I like to buy when I have the money and when I’m on my cheats days. I will be showing you some of my favorite make-up that I have bought, that I love to wear on a daily basic, and so much more.

My Favorite Foundation


My shade is Brown Sugar. This is my all time favorite foundation not because its affordable but because it fits my skin complexion so perfectly. You will want to find something that will fit your skin perfect as well blend into your skin.

My Favorite Mascara

There is a lot of mascara that I like to wear and here are a few of them that I wear on a daily basic. The first one is the Wet n Wild Lash Primer I used this one before I put on my regular mascara. This is one the best primer I have used on my eye lashes for affordable price. Some people will have mix views about it but I love it makes my eye lashes longer and when I put on my mascara afterwards it make it look more fuller and that what I like. The next one is the Mega Protein Mascara by Wet n Wild this help my eye lashes get the proteins that it need as well make my lashes fuller and bigger. The last one is the Wet n Wild Mega Wear this help make sure that my eyelashes has that mega look that I need when I go out. You can kinda tell that I like Black Radiance and Wet n Wild make-up products a lot.

My Favorite Contour Stick

One of my favorite contour stick on a budget is the Wet n Wild Dual-Ended Contour Stick. This is one of my favorite contour stick on a budget. I like it because one side is the highlight and the other side is the contour side. Another reason I like it is because it look like lipstick and its easy to carry around and not make a huge mess. The contour side is the dark where you put on the forehead, jaw line, beside the nose, and on the eyelids. The highlight side is where you highlight the cheeks, forehead, on top of the nose, and chin.

My Favorite Lipstick

Lately I have been using different types of lipsticks from matte, to glossy, to dark and lite colors and etc. Some of my favorite Lipstick are (below:)

black radiance lipstick

The ones that I have are number: 5009A ,5010, 5042A, 5117, and 5027 are two of my favorites. 

My Favorite Concealer


The concealer that I have been using for  a while now is NICKA K New York HD Concealer. The color I used is the NCL016 Brazilian Coffee. It matches my skin tone perfectly and help keeps my makeup and eye shadow on a lot longer. There are so many different ways and tip that you can used concealer. One of those tips that I love to used on daily basic well two of those tips are:

  1. I like to used it before I put on my eye shadow. It keeps my eye shadow on and in place all day long.
  2. I like to also used it before I put on my lipstick. It helps make sure that my lipstick stays on longer and even gives my glossy lipstick a little matte style to my lips.

To get my favorite item click on the link below and get great make-up for under $25

My Favorites

Stay tune for my next blog for more of my favorite Make-up and Reviews. 🙂

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