Make-up Haul (The Beginning and Finishes)

make up haul 2


Hey Guys,

On my last blog I left off on some of my favorite make-up that I love to used and wear on a daily basic. So on this blog I’m going to continue with some more of my favorite make-up items and reviews and my opinion of what I think of the products. So continue to read and I hope you enjoy and like this blog.

My Favorite Makeup Mist

setting spray

Kokie Hydrating Setting Spray this has been my only setting spray that i have been using since I bought it 3 months ago. I like this spray because it makes me feel refresh but doesn’t overpower my face. That is one of the benefits that I like about this one the next one that I will be trying is the Kokie Fix It Up Matte Setting Spray Long Lasting. When I get that one I would give you my review as soon as I get it.

My Favorite Primers ( Make-up and Eye Shadow)

These two primer (Above) is my two main primers that use on my face on a daily basic. The first is the Black Radiance True Complexion Shine Control Primer and the second one is the Perfecting Eye Shadow Primer. The True Complexion I used that one after I finish washing my face and moisturizer my face. It helps control the shine on my face because my face is very shining with and without makeup Lol. Next is the Perfecting Eye shadow primer this help keeps my eye shadow on longer until I get home to take it off. If there any suggestion on other primers that I should try just leave a comment at the bottle and who knows I might try it.

My Favorite Lip Gloss

Now lip gloss is my world I love lip gloss. Every time I go to the store I’m always buying new lip gloss. so here are some of my favorite lip gloss that I love to where on the daily basic and some I wear on a special occasion. The first one is  the LA Color Lip gloss Pout Matte. I love this lip gloss two shades that I have is the Kissable and XOXO. You have to find that right shade for you but it stays on for a very long time and I only have to apply on time no more than two. If you looking for something that you wan to last all day and not worry about applying every single time then this is your lip gloss. The second one is the LA Color Matte Liquid Color now I love this lip gloss as well because it has the same affect as the Pout Lip gloss. It has that Matte finish look that makes it perfect for on the run, casual day, or formal night. The shade that I have are Suede, Fierce, Eclipse, and Perception.

My Favorite Finish Powder

finish powder

When I finish putting on my foundation and doing my eyes and etc. I like to finish off by putting on my finish powder to set everything. My favorite finish powder is the Black Radiance Soft Focus in Milk Chocolate Finish. This help makes sure that face is perfect and that everything is set together in place. I also like it because it fit my skin tone perfect for me.

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If there any other product that you think that I should try please leave a comment at the bottom and who knows I might try it and post a review on here.

Stay tune for another Make- up Haul!!

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