The Craft of old Things


Crafting things from old materials is one the things that you can from anything. I used old things like wood, vases, old fake flowers, wooden crate, so much more to make things out of. The used of making things is to bring new life out of old things and make it to something new and beautiful.


Vase: When it comes to vases you can change them to different ordinary things like:

  • Candy Dish
  • Candle
  • Decoration for any holidays like (Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Storage vases (Utensils for the kitchen, Make-up brushes, cotton balls, etc.)


Old Fake Flowers: Can be used for a lot of different things:

  • Make bows or any kind of head wear
  • Paste on vase to make the vase beautiful
  • Make necklace
  • Paste on wood to make a sign beautiful
  • Use on pillow when making one
  • Spray paint the flowers to another color


Wooden Crates: Is another good project to used to make things you can used these for:

  • Decoration for Dinning Area
  • Shelves
  • Seating
  • Tables (Coffee table, end table, night stands, etc.)
  • Storage (For clothes, books, toys, paper work, etc.)


Wood: Is one of those kind of materials that is used for everyday life whether it is for projects for school or around the house, building homes or companies, or storing your items like books and paper work. Here are some more ideas to used to with wood:

  • Making houses
  • Building chairs
  • Making desk
  • Making science project
  • Garden section
  • Making furniture
  • Making signs
  • Making tables

What are some of things that you would make out of these choices? 🙂

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