Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY Part 3

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to part 3 of Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY. Today I will be sharing with you step seven through eight of the greenhouse DIY projects for this spring. If you are new here welcome to My Life as a mom blog where I am sharing with you this spring projects and so much more. So, let’s get to it.

Step Seven
Garden Fabric and Soil
In the photo above I have laid down some garden fabric where I will be laying some soil on top of it very soon. Right now, I just put it down until then. This is just 1 out of 2 the next photo is a picture of the same, but with soil.
Step Eight
Tomato Stand

In the picture (above) I have put my tomato stand in the back of the greenhouse. Last year I used it for my tomato garden, but this year I will be using them for my growing vine flowers, but we will see until then this is where I will be keeping it.
I hope you enjoy this post and look out for my next post for step nine through eleven.

See you at my next post. Happy Gardening!!!


~My Life As A Mom

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