Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY Part 2

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to part 2 of Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY. Today I will be sharing with you step four through six of the greenhouse DIY projects for this spring. I am so excited about this project that I wanted to bring you guys alone so let’s get to it.

Step Four
The Process
So, after raking the leaves I decided to come up with a plan of how i wanted raise garden beds in the greenhouse. My first idea was to make a huge rectangle box and put all of my herbs and vegetable in them, bur after looking at it and coming to conclusion that I would not be able to get in there to pick a vegetable or herb I decided to change it.
Step Six
Love the Process

The aftermath, the picture that you see (above) is after I decided to change my sketch of my raise garden bed around. So, as you can see, I have two raised garden bed on each side and a walkway in the middle to make it a little easier to navigate as well pick out of the garden. Don’t mind my cat Swirlly, she is just checking out the plans.
Step Six
Put Down Mulch

In the picture (above) I have blocks and mulch in between them to give it an illusion of a neat walkway going to both of raised garden bed on each side. Even though I like it at the beginning I might change it before the end of this project.
I hope you enjoy this post and look out for my next post for step seven through nine.

See you at my next post. Happy Gardening!!!


~My Life As A Mom

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