Happy Holiday’s Mom

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Hello Friends,

I want to tell you about this social app I came across call VidDay. Its a social video maker to send to your love ones far away for the holidays, birthday, or just any special announcement and occasions. This year has been a little different and some of us will not be going home for the holiday’s to see our families so VidDay is helping all families to stay connected with their loves ones during the holiday’s season. Check out the video that I made for my mom for the holiday season.

The process of making this video for my mom was very easy and very quick. All I did was find some pictures on my phone and computer uploaded it to VidDay, choose the music and the background theme. After I made sure everything was uploaded properly I rearranged my photos to my liken and submitted my final piece. Most published videos are ready within the hour but can take up to 6 hours. I had fun making this video for my mom and when i sent it to her she loved it so I know that you loved one will love it, too.

If you would like to make a video and send it to one of your love ones for the holidays. Click on the link below to start making your video message today.

Create Your Video Today at Vidday.com!


My Life As A Mom

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