Wreath Making

When making a wreath some of us would think its to hard to make or  don’t know how to start. Well to tell you the truth it is very easy.  You can make different type of wreath for different type of season, holidays, etc.

Tools you would need:

  • Willow or Wired Wreath
  • Plain Garland
  • Pine Cones
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Bow
  • Lights (optional)
  • Fake Snow (optional)

Most of the items that you see (above) I brought from Dollar Tree. So everything that you see is affordable. 

To make a wreath the first thing you need to do is set everything on a table and plug up your hot glue gun. After you do that start putting together your wreath. Picture (below)

Plain Garland

Wrap your garland (above) around the wreath (below)  until it is all wrap around. When you finish hot glue gun the end. (Tip: You can also stick the garland in between the wreath stick for it to stick as well.)

Willow Wreath

This is how the finish product will look after you wrap the garland around the wreath.

The garland and wreath together

After you finish wrapping your garland around the wreath. Spread the garland on the wreath evenly to make sure its fully covered on the wreath.

Next hot glue gun your pine cones to the wreath it doesn’t matter where you put them at. Make the wreath your own.

Third spray the fake snow on the wreath and let it dry for about an hour. When that is done drying hot glue gun your ornaments on top and your red bow at the bottom and you are done.

Congratulations!!!! You made your first wreath.



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