Getting Ready for Christmas

It’s coming to the season where Christmas is around the corner and there is so much to do before it arrives. I will be sharing with you how I get ready for the Holiday Spirit and how I get prepared for the season. Here are some of the ways I get prepared (below):

This is where I sit down and go over all of the decorations that I have in storage. I go over everything to see what is broken, old, new, need to thrown away, etc. After going over everything I start planning what rooms I want to decorate for the holidays. This year I am decorating the 

Living room (Tree, Wreath garland, tablescape)

Dining Room (Table decor)

Kitchen ( Table Decor & window)

Outside (Lights)

Get a piece of paper or notebook (I prefer notebook) and start writing down all of your ideas on how you want to decorate for the holidays. I like doing it this first because keeps all of my ideas together and when it is time for me to start decorating I can just grab my notebook and start decorating. When I start planning for the holidays I think of new ideas on how I can change things up with my decorations.

For example changing the theme color from tradition. If I decide that I want to change the color of my theme then that’s when I start to write down a shopping list of all the things new that I need to buy.                                                                                                                                                   

     For example if I change my theme color from red and white to blue and white. I will write down all of the holiday decorations that I will need to buy in the color of blue. 



Fake flowers


Place mats



Table cloth 


These are some of the things that I would buy or order offline to prepare for my holiday decoration at home.

This step happens after you purchase all you materials. Clear a table off or lay all of your materials that you bought on the floor. Separate everything that you bought for each room you going to decorate. Go by the plans that you made so everything is in order. After you separate all of the items for each room go ahead and start putting things up. Get your family or friends to help you with the decorations. 

After you have successful put up all of your Christmas/holiday decoration now you can relax for a day and enjoy the beautiful work you work so hard on.

Stay tune for more informational tips on how to get ahead on your holiday decor, shopping, and cooking.

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