Greenhouse Garden

Hey Friends,

Today, I will be updating you guys on my garden and all of the new projects I have been doing.

First Greenhouse

Let’s start with the first greenhouse, my tool, and the seedling starter greenhouse. This greenhouse is where I keep all of my tools, soil, seeds, and seedling containers right now it’s a mess due to working late in the garden so we will be cleaning that up today and getting it back organized. As you can see, I have a lot of cleaning to do here, but this is where I start my seedling and then when they start to sprout, I will transfer them to the second greenhouse to get water every day.

Second Greenhouse

The second greenhouse is my water greenhouse this is where everything gets water while getting mature before they move to its permanent home in the garden. I love this station because I have a sprinkler system connected inside so when I cut the water on it will go ahead and water everything that is inside of this greenhouse.

The Big Greenhouse

The big greenhouse is still in renovation mode, but it is coming along really well I already started putting some of my plants in the ground inside the greenhouse even though it isn’t done. Some work still needs to be done like the side, greenhouse cover, lights, etc. but for right now its coming along very nicely.

Come join me for the month of May in my garden where I share with you tips and tricks on what works for me. If you are wanting to start a garden this is a great time to start.

See you at my next post

~My Life As A Mom Garden Edtion

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