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Hey friends,

Today I will be sharing an update on my garden and some of the things I change. The picture below shows how my garden looked last year after my main greenhouse that you see behind the small greenhouse flew into the wood after a bad storm last year. This year I decided to change the whole garden layout and decided to add new features, pick up my main greenhouse (which is the big one laying in the wood) and move it to the other side, add a new greenhouse to the family, rearrange some of the layouts and so much more.

Greenhouse (Last Year Layout)

This Year Layout

In the picture (above) you see that both the small and large greenhouse that is in the previous picture has been moved. What you don’t see is that I am organizing everything in my head so I can start planning what vegetables to go in what box, etc. But first thing first clean the area and get rid of the leaves and throw away all of the trash that needs to go.

This is the view of the other side with the (third) greenhouse with the other raised garden bed located. There is a lot of debris from winter that needs to be cleaned up as well a lot of planting that need to be done.

In this picture you see that I added another raised garden bed in between the two small greenhouses. This is where I will be planting my squash and cucumber in. You can see in my greenhouse (on the right) that it is full of greenery that is ready to be transplant to their new home.

The Big Greenhouse

I can’t wait to start working on the big greenhouse where I have a lot of plans for it. You can see that I have already started adding the raised garden bed, fence around, and so on. Follow me on my journey of getting my greenhouses organized, put together, and planting fresh herbs and vegetables for the spring/summer season.

Happy Gardening!!!

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