Wellness Wednesday

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness involves finding your life’s meaning and purpose and understanding the values, beliefs, and morals that guide your actions.

Spiritual wellness is not:Spiritual wellness is:
Being a deeply religious person.Having a relationship with yourself, your heart, and your soul (essence of your being and life purpose).
Going to a worship place on a regular basis.Having a relationship with The Divine (God).
Forcing a set belief system on self and expecting others to follow.Having a relationship with people around you and, and relating to your environment and culture.
Living life according to rigid rules and cultural norms.Experiencing life according to your life purpose and values.
Doing what you want to do, and not caring for what others think because your way and belief system is the right way to live.Committing to your life purpose, values, and faith. Surrendering to “what is” (anything that is here in the present moment).

What is your spiritual wellness?

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