Garden Revamp

New Things in the Garden

New Things to Come

  • Greenhouse Clean with Me
  • Plant New Seeds with Me
  • Organize the Garden with Me
  • New Garden Plans
  • Come Transplant with Me
  • My Garden Board

Store Seeds

  • Store your seeds in air tight container in a cool place
  • Label your container to make sure you know what type of seeds are in each container
  • Make a sure all of your seeds are dried before storing them


Rearranging the Garden and Greenhouse

This April you will see my garden in a very different light. Everything you see (picture above) will be completely different. The greenhouse that is circle in red that you see flip over in the woods is finally back up and in a new location. Very excited to show and share the new plans and ideas for it.

Garden Area and Shall Greenhouses

In the first greenhouse that you see (picture on the left) I store all of my planted vegetables, herbs, and fruit seeds in here. This month I am very excited to transplant everything that is there to the main garden and start on new seeds. I get very excited around this time of year and watching everything that I planted grow from a seed to an actual vegetable or fruit just amazed me every time.

In the second greenhouse (picture on the right) I store all of my seeds, soil, tools, and more in here. Eventually, I will do the same thing to this greenhouse as the other one but right now until I finish with the Big Greenhouse this will be my storage greenhouse. I also, start some new seeds that will eventually be moved to the other greenhouse with the sprinkler system, so they can get the same treatment as the other ones did before they got moved to their new permanent home.

I can’t wait to share with you my garden projects so stay tune.


~My Life As A Mom

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