Garden Shopping Haul

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Hey friends,

Today I will be sharing with you my garden shopping haul and all of the things that I bought for this spring. My garden is a place where I can escape and watch all of my vegetables, fruits, and herbs grow all in one place. I decided to start preparing for my spring garden now so that way when spring comes around my garden is ready to go. I have been planning what I want my 2023 garden to be like and I cannot wait to share it with y’all. So let’s get to the shopping haul:


I bought a Greenhouse back last spring when I started to make my bigger garden last year. The picture (above) was from last year 2022. If you are looking a for Greenhouse and you want to start small this Greenhouse is good for you.


Raised Garden Box

These are my favorite raised garden bed off of Amazon. They are easy to put together and the only tools you will need are your hands or a hammer. These raised garden beds are by The Lakeside Collection Raised Garden Bed.

Raise Garden Bed

Greenhouse Covers

The cover on my now current greenhouse has been ripped from a wind storm a month ago. So I bought a replacement for it (not picture) below:

Greenhouse Cover


I also added lights to my greenhouse so not only for it to look beautiful but to also add some light when I come out at night to check on the new plants that are growing when I get off at work at night. Here is the light that I bought.


Happy Shopping

My Life As A Mom

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