Organize Yourself

Organize Your Papers

For the New Year organize your life and mind with the Organize Now! book where it has everything you need to do and know line out for you. 2023 is the year where I want to become more organize not just in my household, but also in my mind and health. The Organize Now! book is section out for each week.

Week Five: Organize Your Papers

This week we are going to learn how to organize your papers with the Organize Now! book. This week we are going to work on our goals.

How easily can you find your family important documents like birth certificates? Social Security cards? savings bonds and more?

Decide where you would like to store this information.

Label each category so it can be easily reference


  • Your Cholesterol level
  • Your Blood pressure


  • Credit card information and phone numbers
  • Bank numbers and phone numbers just in case lost or stolen
  • Budget for your income, expenses savings and personal goals

Purchase a fireproof safety deposit box if you don’t already have one and store all of important documents in them.

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Wills
  • Household Inventory List
  • Passport
  • and more…

Stay Organized!

How will you stay organize for the new year? Leave me a comment below.


~ My Life As A Mom

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