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Hey Friends,

Today I want to share a book review on a book I just finish and give you my honest opinion on the beginning, middle and end. The book I will be reviewing is called “The Lake” by Natasha Preston. I bought this book last year and been reading it on and off due to my busy schedule, but I finally decide to start back reading it last week. I used to read all the time but due my schedule and just everyday life my love of reading got put to the back burner.

Last week I decided that I wanted to start back reading even if it’s just a chapter or two a day. So today I will be reviewing and discussing my opinion on “The Lake” and what thought about it. If you read this book as well leave me a comment below and let’s have a discussion.

The Beginning

The beginning of “The Lake” started off for me a little boring it didn’t catch my attention like the other books that the author wrote did, but overall after getting into the book it started to get my attention to read more. Getting into the book and learning the characters I am the type of person that love to choose who my favorite characters regardless of the main characters in the book. Back to the story the main character in the book is Esme and her best friends Kayla they are CITs at a camp called “Camp Pine Lake.” Neither one of the best friend has been at this camp for over 10 years since something really big happen back then. They vow to have a wonderful and fun fill summer.

It was hard for the two best friends to come back to the camp after keeping a very big secret for so long. knowing what happen back then scare s the two friend until after a few days of camp they get a message that say “The Lake Never Forgets.” That is when Esme and Kayle realize that maybe their pass is coming back to hunt them.

The Middle

In the mist of Camp going and watching the children do their activities for the day throughout the week Esme and Kayla met a few other counselors and CITs Olly, Jake, Rebekah, Andy who is in charge of the camp and a few others. Throughout the story I learn about the secret that had happen 10 years prior to the story starting. Esme and Kayla had snuck out while at camp 10 years ago while they were 8 years old and went into the forest without the counselors and CITs knowing they were gone they wanted to be part of the big kids group and do the same as they did. During the time they were out in the woods they came across a girl that was little older than them and things went very wrong and Kala push in the fire by accident. Even though it was an accident Esme and Kayla ran back to camp, but first Esme wanted to her but decided to run when Kayla call her name made thing very difficult for the young lady who decided to to revenge on them.

The young lady at camp name Rebekah, was burn and for awhile Esme thought it was the girl from 10 years ago in the forest name Lillian, who they made a mistake and push in the fire that was burning. Throughout the book there was a lot of crazy part from red paint on the door, ax in the door and the dead deer that was a very difficult part of the book for me. Throughout the middle of the book Esme and Kayla starts to fall for two boys that are also counselors at the camp name Olly and Jake. Getting into deep of the book Esme found out that olly and Jake had a past where at the beginning they both tell the girls they just met at the camp. Olly explain later on that him and Jake actually grew up together and explain that he saw her and Kayla that night that Lillian got burn. Instead of helping her as well they both did the same and ran.

The End

At the end of the book there was a lot of twist and turns the final straw is when Lillian killed an innocent deer and put it in the main eating area (where the children ate for camp) is when Esme decide to go out into the woods to get clues and hint to who is Rebekah because Esme saw burns on Rebekah and part of her thought that Rebekah was Lillian or Rebekah was working with Lillian. Either way Esme was scare not only for herself but for everyone at the camp especially the children that was there for summer camp to have fun. When she found out that Rebekah had lied to her grandmother that she was not in town as well her parents. That made Esme very suspicious Rebekah.

At the very end Esme and Kayla decide to go in the woods and end the horror that they had started 10 years ago and to figure out what really happen to Lillian. After finding Lillian in the woods holding gun at them she told them to walk towards the abandon cabin that no one uses anymore. That’s when the craziness start for me. When Esme, Kayla and Lillian finally get to the cabin things take a turn for the worst. Jake is found dead in the bathroom, Kayla turns on Esme, Esme run for her life, Olly get shot, Kayla get shot, she catch up with Rebekah. Now the cops are at camp looking for the person that has been scaring the counselors and CITs for the past few weeks.

The end was very upsetting to me to the point where Esme got caught with the gun and four of her friends were dead including hr best friend Kayla. While Lillian the main killer suck back in the woods to watch her revenge come to light.

Final Thoughts

I felt like the book was good until the very end hen the main killer (Lillian) got a way and the innocent person (Esme) who was try to make amends should had went to the cops in the first place and told the truth. I know sometime secret is best kept quite but some secrets is worth telling to save other lives in this case. The first warning was the read paint on the cabin, the second one in my opinion was the deer incident (which there was few deer incident) and last the shooting of each of the friends which lead the main character get the blame for something she didn’t do.

I hope you like my book review and give me you thoughts on what you thought of the book if you also read it. To get the book click the link below:

The Lake

See you at my next post


~My Life As A Mom

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