Update in the Garden

Hey Friends,

Today I will be updating you guys on my garden and what’s new. In my last post I told you guys that some of my things had died in the garden like my corn and lettuce, but most of things have survived but needed a little TLC. Last weekend I got up early in the morning and came up with a plan of what needed to come out, replanted, moved around and so much more. I wanted my garden to look like it was the first of Spring when I started early this year.

Spring things was flourishing in my garden until over a month ago when I got sick with covid when things in my garden also got sick. I was too sick to tend to my garden and keep up the watering and care that I do now, so in that frame of time things start to die or get very weak. Even though I was sick and weak my garden was my therapy. Over the time I got better to the point where I can go outside and get some fresh air, I would go check on my garden. At the time I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to but for that time being I start off small by watering them, giving them their plant food and just letting them know that soon I will be back to give them the attention they need when I get better.

Now, I am back in my garden (which I called my therapy) to bring her back to what she was before I got sick. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the things that are different from the last time I post pictures of garden.

The Beginning

The Middle


I hope you like this post and I can’t wait to see you at my next one.


My Life As A Mom

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