Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY Part 5

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to part 5 of Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY. Today I will be sharing with you step twelve through sixteen of the greenhouse DIY projects for this spring. If you are new here welcome to My Life as a mom blog where I am sharing with you my spring projects and so much more. Today I will be showing you the items that I bought to my my Greenhouse together from the poly plastic to the raise garden bed that I bought last year. Let’s get to it!!

Step Twelve
Poly Plastic
Poly Plastic is one of the tough plastic that people used for their greenhouse. It is one of those things that you will mostly see on a greenhouse if a greenhouse is not made with wood or glass. This year I wanted to start to small and from there. I am not for sure what I will be planning next year for my gardening or greenhouse but for right now Poly Plastic will do for this year. I bought (2) from amazon and will be using them for the top of the greenhouse.
Step Thirteen
Patio Screen
The next thing that I bought that will be going on my greenhouse it the patio screen. I decided to do something different and instead of doing the whole thing in poly plastic. I decided to do something a little different and buy a patio screen to covered the side of the greenhouse I wanted it to look a little different than an average greenhouse. Even though my greenhouse isn’t going to be glass or made with wood I can always change it up to my liking.
Step Fourteen
Clamp (Name Here)

Clamps that you see I bought from amazon to hold the poly plastic and the patio screen to the pole together. The first ones that I bought was to tiny and they was not going to be able to get around the pole at all so I had to buy some more that would be able to go around the pole.
Step Fifthteen
Patio Curtains

For the walkway of my greenhouse I wanted it to be a little different. Instead of the entrance being in the front I wanted it to be on the side of the greenhouse. The way the greenhouse is setup it just look more right for it to have an entrance on the side then in the front. These are the curtains that I bought for the greenhouse. (Photos above)
Step Sixteen
Solar Power Patio Lights
To make this area more inviting I wanted to add some lights to it that way when the sun is going down and I still have a little more work to do before going inside for the night. Why not add a little light? Not only will it add some brightness to the greenhouse but it will also give it a little more stylish to my backyard for the Spring /Summer seasons. (Photo of the lights I’m getting)

See you at my next post. Happy Gardening!!!


~My Life As A Mom

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