Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY Part 4

Hey Friends,

Welcome back to part 4 of Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY. Today I will be sharing with you step nine through Eleven of the greenhouse DIY projects for this spring. If you are new here welcome to My Life as a mom blog where I am sharing with you my spring projects and so much more. So, let’s get to it.

Step Nine
Favorite Garden Soil
When it comes to gardening there is only one type of soil that I like to use and that is Micro Grow Gardening Soil. It is a multipurpose for herbs, vegetables and flowers. I love it because it keeps my garden in shape and hive it the nutrients that it needs and deserve. You can the soil at any of you hardware stores near you.
Step Ten
Laying Down the Soil
In your garden bed lay down your soil in your desired area. Make sure you have enough soil to covered the whole thing. You can see in the picture (below) that I covered my first bed with soil, but I ran out of soil for my other bed. I still need to buy some soil to make sure that everything is covered but also make sure that everything is full to a certain desire fullness.
Step Eleven
Vine Stand

Some of the flowers and vegetables have grow vines or need some extra support like for example:
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes (Depends on what kind)
  • Egg plants
  • Watermelon
  • and so on…
Using the vine stand help support your flowers, vines, or stem on my plants. I have gotten mines from Lowes which was very affordable on my budget.
I hope you enjoy this post and look out for my next post for step twelve through sixteen.

See you at my next post. Happy Gardening!!!


~My Life As A Mom

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