Delicious Fall in A Can

Disclaimer: Not a sponsor post.

Hey Friends,

Today I will be sharing with you some delicious Fall in a Can Beer and Seltzers that I have came across. Just to let you know this post is not sponsor in any way by these companies.

Today’s Delicious Fall in a Can is Bud Light: Maple Pear

The Maple Pear Seltzer by Bud Light has a very unique taste which to me taste is strange but delicious if that make sense. I am the type of person that loves weird strange things so when I found this gem of deliciousness. When you taste the Maple Pear Seltzer by Bud Light it will give your taste bud a surprise and a party at the same time. In my opinion I don’t think everyone would like it but if you like strange flavors like I do this is one of the things you should try.

I hope you enjoy my quick review and let me know what you think of the Bud Light Maple Pear Seltzer. Let me know what you think in the comment below.

See the source image

See you at my next post


~My Life As A Mom

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