Introducing Summer Briz Collection

Designer: Taquela Hudson
Background Story

These beautiful sandal was designed by me through AliveShoes and I can’t wait to share my design with you. My Summer Briz Collection is the cutting-edge design of a funny sandal with rubber textured insole cork. This is the icon footwear for the Hippie. The lining made of genuine Italian leather keeps your feet healthy and fresh. The pristine metallic buckles grants that nice Italian touch. I have been working on these design for awhile and could not wait to share them with you. Please help me by getting my shoes in production I need 7 Pre-order for my Summer Briz Collection to go into production for sale. I started design this collection just for fun and became really fascinated with the process. I hope that each and everyone of you enjoy my collection as much as i enjoy designing them.

Summer Briz Collection

My designer sandals are online for sale. Order your pair now! Choose your color. Click the links below to start shopping. Help me hit my Pre-order of 7 for each.

Retailing at $149

About the Shoes
  • They have a unique design.
  •  They are a one-of-a-kind.
  • They can’t be found anywhere else
  • They are Italian-made, using high quality Italian leather.
  • They provide great comfort.
  • They arrive in a Collector’s Edition box.
  • They are custom manufactures, one-by-one.
Limited Time Only!!

Used Code LRPJJXAMYRF to get 30% off for Summer Briz

Used Code IJDQVCOIMSP to get 30% off Summer Briz Yellow

Used Code EIMNKZTOPBO to get 30% off Summer Briz Cherry

Shipping and Handling

Free shipping: Customers receive free express shipping to Europe, United Kingdom and the USA.

Guaranteed: All orders are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed: Customers who don’t completely love their shoes will receive a no-hassles refund or replacement, no questions asked.

Free returns: Returns are free from anywhere in the world.

See you at my next post!!!

~xoxo My Life As A Mom

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