Dollar Tree Haul

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Hey Friends,

Welcome back to my blog today I will be sharing with you a Dollar Tree Haul of all the things that I have bought. So let’s get to it.

  • Picture one is a cute sign that says “Love Grows Here” I will be putting this on my dining table which will be part of my Valentine Decor coming soon.
  • The second pictures is a “Love” sign this sign I will be putting on the front door with my Valentine wreath I made last year.
  • Third pictures shows a few items that I have bought like face wash, paint eye liners, face mask and face cream.
  • Fourth picture is a picture of St. Patrick hat that I will be using. I’m not for sure where yet, but stay tune.
  • Fifth picture is two set of face primer one minimizes pores and the other one correct dullness.
  • The sixth picture is a pack of razors that I needed so I grab those while I was in Dollar Tree.
  • Seventh picture is shopping bag that I will be using for Valentine for my daughter and some chocolate kisses.
  • Eighth picture is my Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Ninth picture is little St. Patrick pots that I will be using for my St. Patrick décor coming soon.
  • The tenth picture is a cup that say “You’re Llama Fun!” that will be going inside the Valentine shopping bag for Valentine Day for my daughter.
  • Eleventh picture is a cute little slippers that would be part of the Valentines day bag as well.
  • Last picture is a Valentine’s Day scarf


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