Organizing My Makeup Wall

Hello Friends,

Welcome to my new website on designing, planning, and organizing. On today post I will be sharing with you on how to organize your makeup wall with simple tips and tricks on how to keep everything organize in one place.

You can also check out some of my favorite makeup and makeup hauls on my other blog My Life As A Mom @ click on other categories and makeup and you will find all of my favorite make up and makeup hauls there.

Let’s get started!!!

The picture below is the before picture of I how I had my makeup wall. Since at the moment I sharing a room with my daughter I try to keep my makeup out of her reach so this is one of the solution that I came up with.

The top shelf (right) is where I keep all of my watches, makeup mirror and my kitty statues.

In the picture (left) you’ll see my makeup wall where I have all of my lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, foundation, etc.
The black rods that is holding my shelf that you see on my wall I bought them at Ace Hardware store. The shelf itself came from an old book shelf that broke and I just recycle the shelf.  The picture you see in the middle is from Dollar Tree.


So each of the little organizing trays that you see (right) I have it organize by name brand of the lipstick, foundation, mascara, etc. For example One of the trays will be lipstick only and organize by that name brand and so on.

My Collection

The container that you see me holding (left) are from Dollar Tree.

The Finish Product

Most of my makeup containers that you see on my shelf I got from Dollar Tree. So if you are looking for some easy organizing containers or storage check out Dollar Tree they have some just for a $1 only.


Thank you for reading my post!!! See you at the next one!!! 

2 responses to “Organizing My Makeup Wall”

  1. All my make up is shoved in a drawer. It’s a love/hate relationship I have with that stuff (aka make-up). I hate it, how it makes me feel better about myself.
    Great read on organization. Maybe one day I will respect my makeup enough to organize it. Maybe not. 😉

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    • I understand tell you the truth some of minds are in a draw as well. I’m trying to figure out the best solution of how to organize but one day when I have the time I guess I will figure it out. Lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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