How to get organize?

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Hey Friends,

Welcome back to my site today I will be sharing with you on how to get organize with items that is less expensive and will not break the budget. In my everyday life I get really unorganized real quick, but when it comes time to clean I know where everything goes as well how it should look when I’m finish cleaning. When I finish organizing and cleaning I feel so great and relief that everything is put up in their place and that each room looks amazing afterwards. When it comes to me being on a budget I like to go to my favorite $1 store and that is Dollar Tree to buy all of my favorite organizing tools and containers.

Here are some of items that I like to used when it comes to cleaning and organizing.

Storage Baskets

Makeup/Jewelry Storage

Storage Bins

Hard Storage Bins


Here are some tips that I like to follow when it comes to cleaning.

Tips 1: When it come to organizing your space it is good to know where you are going to storage your items at. By knowing where you going to storage you items make it more easier to put up stuff faster and more quick.

Tip 2: Make a Outline- Doing this is a GREAT way of knowing where everything is going while organizing your space. Planning an outline for your space and where everything is going helps you to understand the format of the room that you are trying to clean and organize. As well what goes WHERE and what DOESN’T.

Tip 3: Vacuum Last- For me it is more easier to clean and organize everything then afterwards vacuum all of the dirt and small piece of paper off of the floor. Because to me vacuum during the clean up is a waist of time especially when it comes to dust another area that you haven’t touch yet.

Click on the link (below) to start buying your items NOW! So you can start organizing today for less.

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