The Best Places to Buy Make-up


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Some of the best places to buy expensive make-up in my opinion are:

Ultra Beauty




These four places is where I buy some of my expensive makeup from when I have a little to treat myself for my hard work. These four places has the best make-up that you want to buy when you have the extra money in your pocket.

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Some of the best make-up to buy for less in my opinion are:





These four place is the best place to buy make-up when you on your cheap days but still have the best quality of make-up to wear on your face. I go to these four places when I stll want to treat myself but on the cheap level. Every make-up that I buy from them has not broken me out, has cover my face very well and is very affordable in my pocket.

I love buying make-up and adding it to my collection of make-up at home. I try to keep all of my make-up in a three draw container that separated all of my things like the first draw would be my wipes, make-up setting spray, make-up remover and etc. The second draw is where i keep all of eyeline, finishing powder, blush, eyeshadow, and etc. The last draw I keep all of my big eyeshadow, make-up bag and backup brushes that never been use yet.

Check out my other blog Called “Make-up” to see all of the make-up that I used on the daily. 🙂

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