Moment as a Mother Day 4

moment 4


Today’s Quote: Mother is the name of God in the lips and hearts of little children! – Thackeray

My Thoughts – When it come to little children seeing their mother is a big thing. They get so excited when they see their mother that it makes their day no matter where that child has been. For example When a child goes off to school for the first and that child has not seen their mother all day due to being in school learning that child misses their mother especially when they are so used to being home with their mother all day and everyday. When school is over and its time for that child to go home when that child see their mother arrive to pick them up they get so excited and happy to see their mother.

Mother is the heart of the child because us mom do so much for our child or children no matter what comes our way. We as mother make sure that our children get what they need rather it is small or large. Doing things for children make us feel important that our children can depends on us being there in their lives. As a mother being their for my daughter is the best gift to me because I can watch her grow from a small infant to now a beautiful little girl. The best thing that ever happen to me was becoming a mom.


Reference from Strand, R. (1993). Moment for Mother

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