Moment as a Mother



“All families are alike, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” by Leo Tolstoy

My Thoughts: As a mother and a woman we look pretty on the outside, but we look as that we are weak and fragile and that we are not strong enough to protect. Truth be told we are strong even though it does not look like it and we can overcome anything that comes our way. As women we go through so much that it can be overbearing, but at the same time we as women know how to multitask to make sure that everything gets done as well taking care of for our family no matter what the situation are. We make sure our family is complete by showing them love, compassion, and holding the family together no matter how hard that motherly job is.

Every mother is different and unique in their own way and as a mom we work hard to provide for our family and still do the things that we love to do whether we are spending time with our family, working, or hanging with friends. As a mother we have hard times and go through hard times, but we fight through them and show the world that no matter what we went through we can fight any and every obstacle that comes our way.



Reference from Strand, R. (1993). Moments for Mothers

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