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I love reading books, no matter what the genre is. It can be fiction, non-fiction, drama, romance and etc. I would like to start a book of the month review where I tell you about my favorite books that I have read, as well as what book I am currently reading this month. I would like to connect and get better acquainted with other busy mothers such as myself, who have a love for reading interesting books like me. This month I am reading the  book entitled: “The Last Good Chance” By Tom Barbash. I chose this book specifically because it peaked my interest. The book is about two characters who are friends. They return back to their hometown where they left years ago. The town used to be thriving with businesses and lots of downtown activity and exposure. To recount for what use to be the friends decide to go back and rebuild the town and reestablish its attraction. While rebuilding secrets are brought forth that have the power to rebuild a town and breakup a friendship. If anyone had the opportunity to read this book please let me know what your thoughts are pertaining to this book. Please feel free to share other novels you think are great reads, as it can very well be my next book selection for the coming months.

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