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Book of the Month April 2018

After Growing up poor in Texas, Vera Lomax used every gold-digging trick in the book to land a rich husband. Now living in the lap of luxury in San Francisco, her only job is fawn over her much older husband, so it’s been easy… Continue Reading “Book of the Month April 2018”

Book of the Month

Try her delicious meals for a brand new you. 🙂 I chose this book for my book of the month is because I love cooking and her book gave me a new insight of what to cook when I want something a little bit… Continue Reading “Book of the Month”

Book of the Month

  The Golden Hustla By Wahida Clark Nina Coles is one of the top Atlanta associate of advertising for her firm of WMM. She has all of the top name brand items and now that she is making enough money to support herself  as… Continue Reading “Book of the Month”

Book of the Month – January (Coming Soon!!)

This coming January there will be a new book of the Month. I know I haven’t post any new books to read for the pass three months because the books I have been reading for the pass few months The Mortal Instrument Series. That… Continue Reading “Book of the Month – January (Coming Soon!!)”

Book of the Month- Here She Lies

Here She Lies by Kate Pepper This is one of my favorite book that I have read its about these twin sister that are very close. When one of the twin sisters whose name is Anna, find out that her husband is having an affair… Continue Reading “Book of the Month- Here She Lies”

Book of the Month

I love reading books, no matter what the genre is. It can be fiction, non-fiction, drama, romance and etc. I would like to start a book of the month review where I tell you about my favorite books that I have read, as well… Continue Reading “Book of the Month”