Saving Apps

Hey Friends,

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite saving apps that I have been using for the past couple of years. The first one is:


Fetch is an app where you scan all of your receipt and gain points to cash out with gift cards. The more receipt you scan with the recommended items the more points you earns. You can maximize your points to gain rewards like cashing out to get a Starbuck, Amazon, Ulta, and so many other gift cards. Sign up today with my referral code and get 2000 points by using code KCHXE.


Klarna is another saving app that I like to use when it comes to shopping this app helps me buy items that I want on a prepaid level. For example if my total is $100 I only have to pay right then $25 and every other week $25 until it is fully paid.


Afterpay is another one that I used I can use this one online or in-stores. It is similar to Klarna, but Klarna is more for online while Afterpay is more for both online and in-store. Afterpay payment plan is the same as klarna you’ll pay a down payment of the item and pay it off every other week until it is fully paid.

I hope this post give you a little insight.

See you at my next post!


~My Life As A Mom

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