Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY Part 1

Hey Friends,

Today I will be bringing you on my journey of getting my greenhouse and garden together for the Spring. It’s a lot of work, but at the end its all worth it. I will be taking you on my journey and how I plan, prepare, and what I buy for my garden. I love to mix different types of vegetables, herbs and flowers in my garden so today I will be sharing with you the cleaning process and what my goal ideal look would be for my garden and greenhouse.



Step One
Take apart garden bed
So the garden bed that you see above I bought these last year off of amazon. This was my first time buying garden beds and I wanted something that was easy to put together, but also durable for my garden. I came across these on amazon and fell in love with them. I already have a few more in my cart to buy for this year garden and I cannot wait to share with you the plans coming soon. In the picture (above) taking apart the garden bed and moving it to the greenhouse. I will be using these for the structure of the greenhouse which you would see coming soon.
Step Two
Rake leaves

Next I rake all the leaves to clear a path for the cedar blocks or pebbles that I’m getting for the greenhouse I know I probably will have to do one more raking before I put it down, but at least the most part is done. This will be part of the patio section of the greenhouse. I am still undecided but we will see.
Step Three
Come up with a plan/sketch

I love coming up with a plan or sketch of what I would like to see my greenhouse to look like, but at the same time also like to sketch a plan with actually stuff that I have on hand. For example you see that I have already started using the raise garden bed to setup a plan of how I want the raised garden bed to look. I was going to do a big rectangular box, but then I decided how in the world was I going to plant all of my things without stepping on one of the plants and damaging it. Of course there was no answer to that so I had to come up with a plan b. (See picture below for the re-design plan) For plan b I decided to do two garden bed on each side with a pathway in the middle so that way it can be very easy to plant and grab my vegetables and herbs more easier.
I hope you enjoy this post and look out for my next post for step four through six.

See you at my next post. Happy Gardening!!!


~My Life As A Mom

2 responses to “Spring Garden Greenhouse DIY Part 1”

  1. I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see the fruitions of all this hard work. I am sure the outcome is going to be beautiful. Enjoy your gardening; it is amazing, even at this point!

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