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Join Wine Club of the Month

For $24.98/month

Be part of the original WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB™.

My name is Paul Kalemkiarian, and I am the second-generation owner of the original Wine of the Month Club that brought wine to America’s door. When you join our wine club, I will send you two great wines right to your door each month, like a wine subscription box…however you say it, we are the original Wine of the Month Club (I can say that since my father invented the idea in 1972). I personally taste over 250 wines each month to ensure our wine subscription box delivers only the best values in wine. I taste wines from from all over the world: Germany, Italy, Argentina, California, Washington, France…you name it. I like to tell my members it’s like going into a wine shop where the owner says, “This is really good for the price” or “Stay away from that one.” With our wine subscription boxes, the Wine of the Month Club is your personal sommelier.

Gift Membership

  • Classic Series Gift Membership
  • Vintners Series Gift Membership
  • Limited Series Gift Membership
  • Pacific Series Gift Membership
  • Bordeaux Wines Series Gift Membership
  • Napa-Sonoma Wine Series Gift Membership
  • Pure Wines Series Gift Membership
  • Rose Wine Series Gift Membership
  • Sweet Wine Series Gift Membership
  • Case Club Gift Membership
  • Cellar Series Gift Membership

Gift By Budget

  • One-Time Gifts
  • Gift Subscriptions

Wine Gift Baskets

  • 2 Bottle Wine Tote w/ Glasses
  • 2 Bottle Picnic Wine Bag
  • 3 or 4 Bottle Wine Backpack
  • 6 Bottle Rustic Crate
  • Port Wine Gift
  • Wine Gift Box
  • Perfect Pairing (Chacewater Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar)

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