Proud to Announce “Mystery Women”

I am so happy to announce my new book “Mystery Women”, it has been a long time coming. This has been one of the biggest accomplishments that I have been working on and I am very proud to have accomplish another goal on my list. Get your copy TODAY!!!

Mystery Women

Five best friends finally find love and romance with their dream guys, but things start to change when secrets start coming out, past flames come back into town, and new flames begin. Melinda is physical therapist. She has not been on a date for a while since her last relationship ended bad. Her sister being wanted to her to go out for a while when she finally does things quickly change for the worst. Simone is Melinda younger sister she is the top lawyer in her city and has been dating her boyfriend Miles for a while. Things has been a little rocky, but it quickly turns when she set her eyes on a new guy. Troyneica, is a professional golfer who has been dating a guy name Leo whom has been deployed to Iraq. Praying for his safe arrival back home not knowing that there was a surprised stored for her as well unsuspected guest. Victoria is a famous musician she has been traveling around the country on tour. Even though her schedule is hacked she still finds time to find love on the road when she met Joey. Things quickly change when unsuspected secrets come up about his past. Shanice has been away for a while starting up her own practice in New Orleans. After being gone for a while she decided to move back home with a big surprise in store for her girls. How would her friends react to the news? Would any of the five friends find their true love?


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