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Hello Friends,

Spring is around the corner and I cannot wait to start planting my flowers and herbs for you guys. Spring is that time of year that brighten everybody day with its cool breeze and fresh air. My Life As A Mom has a lot to offer for March and April with different holidays, new recipes, …in the Month, Moment As A Mother Quotes and so much more. For all things new My Life As As A Mom has a lot in store and cannot wait to share them with you. So come join me at My Life As A Mom Blog.

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Look out for Tips and Treats for your special bundle of joy.

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Baby Shower Table Decor, Venue & Gender Reveal

Hello Friends,

When it comes to Baby showers one of the things that you have to figure out beside the guest list and invitations is the decor, where you going to have the baby shower (venue), and how you going to announce and reveal the gender of you baby to your closes friends and family.

Here some pictures that can give you an idea on how to


Table Decor

Table decor is all about place setting and where all of your guest will be seating at your baby shower.


When it comes to baby shower you got to have place to have it. By picking a venue it helps to accommodate your guest and food.

Gender Reveal

It’s fun to make your treat s into a guessing game when it comes to figuring out the gender of your baby.

See you at my next post. 🙂

Baby Shower

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Hey Friends,

It’s that time of season where it is a great time to plan for baby showers. This month I will be sharing with you different ways for planning your baby shower from guest list, invitations, games, food, theme, etc.

Today, we are discussing planning the guest list, decor, invitations and so much more in this post. Lets start with the Guest list. The Guest List is very important because this help you know how many invitations you need to send out to help you celebrate your bundle of joy coming soon.

The Guest List lets you know how big or small your venue should be to accommodated all of your guest that will be arriving to your baby shower.

Kate Aspen is a great place to start shopping for your baby decor. They have beautiful items you can pick from to help decorate your baby shower. Their collection has everything that you would need from one of a kind gifts, favor, and decorations for your special day. Kate Aspen is known for their thoughtful of gifts, decor and keepsake to cherish and remember for years to come. Choose from different themes like Nautical Baby Shower, Baby-Q, Brunch or mix and match to create your own. You can even personalize the items to make it even more special for your occasion.

Kate Aspen - For All You Celebrate - Baby Shower Favors, Decor & More

When it comes to decor and decoration for your baby shower it is good to have the best for you or your friend bundle of joy coming. Some of the things that you would need to get ready for a baby shower are:

Table Decor


Cake stand





Check out the website below to start shopping for your Baby Shower decor

Kate Aspen – Unique Baby Shower Favors

Other places to get inspiration or to buy decor for your baby shower check out the websites below:


Luminessence Glass and Metal Tealight Candleholders

Previous Post

April Baby Shower Month

Baby Shower invitations is one of the most important steps when it comes to baby showers. Invitations is very important because this how your guest is going to know the where’s about of your baby shower as well the time and date of the event.

For great invitations I have two choices for you to choose from the first one is

Basic Invite

168 Color Choices Per Shower Card

Basic Invite has almost unlimited colors to choose from as well as preview those colors on their website. They make sure your special event is shown through the invitation that you choose for your special day. After you select that special color you can choose over 180 different colors to make sure that invitation is exactly what you wanted and dream of for that big day. This is one of the things that set Basic Invite apart and draw in their customer more they make sure that you are part of your dream invitation. Basic Invite also has custom sample where you can order a print and it ships to your door for you to get a good look at it up close to feel the quality and see the quality of the invitation before buying the rest and sending them off to your close friends and family for the upcoming event or party that you are having.

The second one is:


From decorating the nursery to shopping for baby clothes, preparing for a new baby is an exciting occasion. Minted help you make sure that your baby shower has the best and unique invitations for your baby shower. Having the right invitation and designing the right one help make sure that you guest and close friends get the invitation of your dreams. Guest will love the baby shower designs, and the quality to match. But, they also help you celebrate the birth announcement of your bundle of joy when he/she arrive into the world.

Check out their website for great invitations and more…



Foil-pressed Baby Shower Invitations

Check out previous baby shower ideas below

Baby Shower Guest List

Baby Shower Decor



Baby Showers can be a lot of fun, but the main reason why we have baby showers is to help the new mother-to-be get all things she need to prepare for her new baby. I recommend incredibundle.com to get all diapers, baby wipes, books and so much more.

Dollar tree


Also, try Dollar Tree for your baby shower needs as well where you can get everything just for a $1.00. Dollar Tree has what you need to make sure your baby shower is special and unique for an affordable price.

See you at my next post.

~ xoxo My Life As A Mom

Wine for Every Occasion

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Hey Friends,

Wine is celebrated in every occasion you can think of like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, house parties, baby shower, bridal shower, dinner party and more. Wine can also be a great gift to give to a friend or family member when you don’t know what to buy them for that special event. If you or a friend is looking for some delicious wine to buy or looking for some wine that you have never taste before and want to try something new. Go order your wine or wines from The California Wine Club. They have a variety of different wine for local and unheard winery around the country and you would not be disappointed at all.

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The California Wine Club’s Pacific Northwest Wine Club series

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The California Wine Club’s Premier Series, the most popular of all the clubs.

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Take 15% off Wine Portion of Gifts with Code TREAT15 until 6/30. Does not apply to case purchases or Case Club Series.

Spring is in the Air

Featured Post

Baby Shower Season

Hey Friends,

Spring is here where flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. This Spring I will be sharing with you exciting new Spring Ideas, DIY’s, cooking and much more.

Spring Decorating

Easter & Spring Decor

Spring DIY

Spring Food

Spring Garden

Look out for my Garden Transformation this Spring.
~ Coming Soon

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Baby Shower

Top Gift Ideas
Mother’s Day is around the corner shop on Amazon.com to get your mom the perfect gift.

Come join me this Spring with a lot of new and exciting things to come here on
My Life As A Mom


***This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.***

Hello Friends,

Welcome to another one of my posts today I am sharing with you EasyCloset. If you have a closet you know that sometimes stuff can get out of hand when it’s time to store your clothes, shoes, etc. EasyCloset is a new and improves way to help you organize your closet to a standard that you and your family will love. Having the basic standards of finding your items can be easy and fun to do. One of the things that I love when it comes to organizing an area is knowing where to store it later when I’m done. Having a closet with a lot of space to store my items can be a bonus as well as a  nightmare. Having EasyCloset can help make sure that your closet is neat and organized to store all of your items as well store your main item in there… your clothes. EasyCloset help you pick out your dream design closet to store all of your things like

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • Seasonal outfits
  • Jewelry 
  •  and so much more.

Designing the perfect closet help make organizing a breeze and place that you can enjoy calling your own. Let EasyCloset help you organize that space for you to make it more a function-able space for you and your personal items. Having a personalized space for your clothes and shoes is the best way of keeping your space organized. Not only does EasyCloset can organize your personal closet they can also personalize any other closet in your home. EasyCloset can personalize your pantry, coat closet, linen closet and more.

At EasyCoset.com you can customize your dream closet by choosing the colors, style, storage design and more to make your closet look neat and organize and totally different room. EasyCloset has a

·        Durable high-quality design that is made for your dream closet with a lifetime warranty

·        An easy online design system to help you design your one of the kind closet with a free design system

·        Free shipping over anything that is $100 or more

EasyCloset also has an option where you can mix and match the items to customize your dream closet to fit your standards. You can shop for any of the items to help you complete your organizing task in your closet. Making sure you have the right accessories like baskets, hooks, Slatwall, and more make sure that you have everything that you need to complete your task at hand. EasyCloset has many choices that you can choose from like

·        Work Surfaces

·        Cabinets

·        Accessories

·        Shelves

·        Liners

·        Leg

·        Packages

·        And so much more

Go to EasyCloset.com to start shopping so you can start organizing your close today. EasyCloset makes sure you have all of the tools you need to make your closet a beautiful and organize space to store your things.

Let EasyCloset help you organize the most unorganized space in your home to a more beautiful, function-able space to store all of your home project items, clothes, shoes, purses, linen, towels, toys, and so much more. To get started on your EasyCloset project click on the links (below) to start getting your closets in order.


Learn how to design a beautiful reach-in closet with EasyClosets

Craft Month

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Sponsor by BluPrint for Craft Month

Hey Friends,

March is Craft Month and it’s all about making new things whether it is

  • Arts and Craft
  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Sewing
  • and so many other things…

Today I will be sharing with you how I engraved my name into a piece of wood that came from one of my shelves that broke. This is my first time using a engraving tool. So lets see what happens.

You will need:

  • engraving tool
  • piece of wood
  • stencil (of your choosing)
  • rag
  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut mat
  • glitter of any colors
  • laptop
I click on my first project with my name on it.
I click the “Customize” button
Select a photo from your upload tab on the (left) side of the screen. Used the text on the (left) side of the screen and type a name of your choosing under the picture. After you finished typing the text of your choosing click the make it button on the (right) side of the screen.
After you click on the (make it) button make sure that everything is looks good and click the continue button on the bottom right side corner.

After I cut out my stencil that I wanted to used I will tape it to my wood and start tracing it with hand engraving tool.

Hand Engraving Tool
My electric engraving tool
My stencil that I cut out with my Cricut Machine.
After me tracing my stencil.
Trace your letters of your choosing to the board.

Next I will used Mod Podge to layer a coat on where I want the glitter to be at. Example (below)
The finish product

Creativity Care Package Offer Details

  • Craft More Happy Moments with our FREE Creativity Care Package 3/26-4/9/20!
  • Watch over 1,300 creative education classes ranging from sewing, cooking, family crafts, and more!
  • While no credit card is required to take part, we do ask people to create a registration to view content

Let me know what you guys think.

See you at my next post!!

~ My Life As A Mom