Galentines/Valentine’s Day

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Hey Friends,

Galentines/Valentine’s Day is around the corner this is the perfect time to celebrate with Seven Sisters Scones treats. Seven Sisters Scones have delicious scones to choose from like Bacon Cheddar and Chive Scone, Chocolate Raspberry Scone, and Cranberry Orange Scone and they even have Gluten Free options as well. Here are a few ways you celebrate Seven Sisters Scones this year:

Gift Ideas

Create Your Own Box 6 to 12 Large or 12 to 36 Mini

Create Your Box is a way to create your own flavors with their unique scones whether it’s savory or sweet or both. This is a great way to try as many scones without being stuck with one flavor.

Scone Sampler

Can’t decide which scone to choose from? Well Seven Sisters Scones has you covered they have chef’s choice of flavors that let’s them choose for you. This is one of the ways to get a wide variety of flavors from the chef themselves.

Seasonal Flavors

If you want to try seasonal flavors for Galentines/Valentine’s Day well Seven Sisters Scones has you covered as well choose from their

  • Apple Caramel
  • Blueberry
  • Butterbeer
  • Chocolate Kahlua
  • Cotton Candy
  • Garlic Herb
  • Strawberry Champagne
  • Vanilla Bean

The also have gluten-free and vegan free scones as well like

  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Sweet Potato & Cardamon
  • Bacon, Cheddar, and Chive
  • and many more

Valentines Day Package

Seven Sister Scones also have a Valentines Day package to choose from like

  • The “Sweet For My Sweetie” box
  • The “Get Together” box
  • The “Opposites Attract” box
  • The “Hot & Spicy” box
  • and many other package

Gift Card

Want to give the most delicious gift? Seven Sisters Scones have the perfect gift for that as well. A Gift Card! This is the perfect gift to give to somebody by picking their own flavors they want to try.

All gift cards are delivered electronically via text or email. Get it instantly!

Shop with Seven Sisters Scones today and get 10% off your purchase. Click the link below to start shopping.

Galentines/Valentines Day

Happy Shopping!!!

My Life As A Mom

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