Saving Notebook

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Hey Friends,

Today, I would like to share with you how I used my saving notebook as well how I organize it. There are plenty of ways you can used your Saving Notebook for me I like to make a excel sheet of all of the things that I like to put in my notebook as well how much I will put in each pouch. Here is an example of how my saving notebook look while organized.

Binder Notebook

The notebook binder that I have came with the money sleeve and that’s it. The only reason why I bought mines like that is because I wanted to DIY mines myself, but you can easily get one that is already done for you.

Label for the Pouch

So my labels that is in my saving notebook I made them myself with my cricut machine. The first thing you want to do is figure out what want in your saving notebook like bills, rent, saving, vacation, etc. Then I used my cricut to make those and cut them out. Place them on my envelope which you can see (above.)

Saving Sheet (Excel Form)

The picture (above) is an example of what I use to keep track of my saving notebook. I made this excel sheet to keep track of all of my expense that’s coming and going out of each envelope. I like to keep track of the final total of the month as well keep track of the months before to see how much I spent or didn’t spent.

I hope this post help just a little bit if you are trying to start a notebook saving.

See you at my next post.


~My Life As A Mom

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