Organize Yourself

Organize Your Mind & Life Vision

For the New Year organize your life and mind with the Organize Now! book where it has everything you need to do and know line out for you. 2023 is the year where I want to become more organize not just in my household, but also in my mind and health. The Organize Now! book is section out for each week.

Week One: Organize Your Mind & Life Vision

This week we are going to learn how to organize your mind and life vision with the Organize Now! book. This week we are going to work on our goals.

Write out your vision for your life.

  • Where would you live?
  • What would your days look like?
  • What would you do for fun?
  • What would you do more of?
  • What would you do less of?

Think about what you want to accomplish in the next few weeks.

Get a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night.

Start your day by jotting down a short To Do List of everything you want or need to do that day.

Start a journal.

Limited the amount of television you watch

Schedule a two-minute break two to three times a day

Practice meditating

and so much more…

Stay Organized!

How will you stay organize for the new year? Leave me a comment below.


~ My Life As A Mom

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