Inspirational Workout Post

Good Morning Friends,

This year I will be doing an inspirational post of uplifting if you are trying to lose weight. My goal this year is to lose 50 pounds, but I don’t want to call it a diet cause to me calling it a diet just discourage me from working out or doing any kind of exercising period and I wanted to start this journey on where I can add this to my everyday routine like brushing my teeth etc.

I will be doing this post every Monday for the month of January. If you have any tips or advice on how you add your workout routine to your schedule, please leave a comment below.

Today and this week, I will be working out the arms. The first thing I learn a long time ago always stretch before working out it really do help in the beginning and for the long run.

  • Arm Scissors
  • Claps Over Head
  • Chest Press Pulse
  • Punches
  • Seated Overhead Tricep Extension

I will be doing these workout for this week and transition to another workout the following week. I hope you enjoyed this post and join me on this inspirational journey of workout.

See you at my next post.

~ My Life As A Mom

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