National Planner Day

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Hey Friends,

Today is National Planner Day and one things about me I love my planner. Planners is one of those things I love to use when it comes to me planning my day, work, blog post, gardening, my child activities for school and more. My planner keeps me organize for the day and to make sure that I make my appointments on time.

Here is an example of how my planner look throughout the month

As you can see my planner consist of the following:

  • Blog – Green
  • Holiday – Orange
  • Birthday/Anniversary -Blue
  • Work – Brown
  • Appointments -Black
  • Vaeh School Activities – Purple
  • Bills – Red
  • Notes -Black

I try to keep things organize in my planner by color coordinating to stay on top of things in my busy schedule, to start planning or organizing your day click on the links below to start shopping for your planner.

See you at my next post


~My Life As A Mom

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