Bring in the Spring

with The California Wine Club

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Bring in the Spring with The California Wine Club by enjoying a bottle of their finest wine from their collection for your upcoming events like a Garden Party, Easter or Mother’s Day. The California Wine Club have a selection of wines that you can choose from to make your party a success. Enjoy some delicious wines by supporting small batch wineries with each sip you take.

The Annual $1 shipping is Sale is Back! Take advantage of this wonderful sale by getting $1 shipping to most states. The California Wine Club specially select these delicious so you can enjoy at a price as low as $12.99. No code necessary for this sale.

Primary Series Wine Club Membership

Grab this amazing deal for yourself and get two bonus bottles of wine in your first delivery with the code WINEBONUS. This sale does not include (gifts, case purchases, nor to other wine series.)

3 Bottle Gift Set

Get a three-bottles gift set that includes unique handcrafted wine. These one-time shipments include a special custom gift message from you, plus detail tasting note and paring recommendation just in case you are having friend or family over for dinner.

To start ordering click on the link below to get your wines on the way.

Happy Spring and Happy Wine Shopping!!


~My life As A Mom

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